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1. Registration

Once you have decided to place your child into Jubilee Holiday Club, we require you to complete the registration forms provided in the information pack, a current booking form and forward these along with your full payment. A space will only be reserved for your child if full payment has been received.

2. Sickness

Holiday Club should be informed before 9:00am if your child will not be attending due to sickness.

Please do not send your child to Holiday Club if he/she is unwell. Also, good practice dictates that if your child is unwell you should keep them at home until your Doctor confirms that any risks of infection have disappeared, which would normally be 24/48 hours. This would include diarrhoea, vomiting, a fever with a temperature of 101F / 38°C or above.

Chickenpox, measles, mumps, meningitis, hepatitis, a virus, or any unexplained rash will require advice from your Doctor regarding return to the Holiday Club.

The Holiday Club reserve the right to request that children be collected if it is felt, in any way, that they are not well enough to attend.

Medicines cannot be administered by staff unless requested by Parents on the appropriate form and only if they have been prescribed by a Doctor and are clearly labelled as such.

Please advise us of any infectious ailment. If exposure to a communicable disease is suspected, all parents will be informed, via the notice board.

3. Registers

All children who attend Jubilee Holiday Club, must be signed in and out of the premises by the Parent/Person responsible for dropping off and/or collecting the child/children on the register provided at the time of arrival and departure recorded.

4. Child Collection

We will not allow any child to leave the Holiday Club with an adult unless we are completely satisfied with their identity. If a child in our care is being collected by another person, other than those who normally collect a child/children, we must be informed prior to their collection and we will require evidence of their identity upon arrival.

Our staff cannot leave children on the premises out of hours and therefore children collected between 6:00pm and 6:15pm will incur and additional fee of £15.00 and £10.00 for each 15 minutes thereafter.

5. Cancellation

If you do need to cancel any pre-booked sessions please contact us on 0118 971 3840 at the earliest opportunity so we can make the necessary amendments to our registers. All cancellation requests must be made through our head office only.

If the cancellation request is received two or less days before your child is due to attend you will not be entitled to any credit/refund and your sessions will be lost.

Our Holiday Clubs do not offer cash refunds for any booking cancellations. You may only receive a credit note.

Notification 3 or more days before day of attendance - 100% Credit Note

Notification 0 to 2 days before day of attendance - 0% Credit Note

6. Complaints Procedure

Should any parent wish to discuss any problems or concerns regarding their child at the Holiday Club, in the first instance contact Sian Caine (Manager), or her Deputies. If the problem cannot be resolved through discussion, the parent must put the matter in writing to the Jubilee Jets Manager, who will then pass this on to Brian Jenkins, the Managing Director or his delegated Senior Manager.

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